Meeli Roose

I have been a member of the BEDLAN research team since 2020. Currently, I am pursuing my doctoral project, which focuses on the development and application of geospatial methods for conducting integrative and multidisciplinary research on the history of Finno-Ugric-speaking peoples, as well as other analyses of northern Siberia.

One of my achievements is the collaborative development of the URHIA URHIA (Uralic Historical Atlas) platform, an interactive spatial data platform designed in close collaboration with linguists, archaeologists, and geneticists. The URHIA platform serves as a comprehensive repository, allowing storage, sharing, and visualization of spatial data on a map. Recognizing the importance of effective communication between scientists and the IT development team, I prioritize engaging in dialogue to ensure the platform’s functionalities meet the needs of its users. By taking this approach, we enhance the platform’s usability and overall success.

Throughout my journey, I have encountered and addressed the challenges posed by varying data types across different disciplines. For instance, I have navigated the differences between spatial language speaker areal data and archaeological/genetic point data. This process has deepened my understanding of the complexities involved in integrating diverse datasets, ultimately contributing to more comprehensive and insightful multidisciplinary research.

Moreover, I have a keen interest in geospatial analysis, particularly from an ecological-environmental perspective on cultural distribution. By combining thematic datasets and assigning them geographical and temporal properties, I have uncovered new insights into multidisciplinary research, I have been able to uncover new insights into multidisciplinary research. For example, I have explored the spatial patterns of cultural distribution in northern Siberia, examining the relationship between ecological factors and the distribution of Finno-Ugric-speaking peoples.

My experience in the BEDLAN research team, coupled with my background in geoinformatics in environmental analysis, has equipped me with the skills necessary to develop and apply geospatial methods for integrative research on the history of Finno-Ugric-speaking peoples. The collaborative development of the URHIA platform and my passion for geospatial analysis have enabled me to bridge disciplinary gaps and contribute to the advancement of multidisciplinary research.

Major interests

web-GIS, open-source, ecology, geostatistics, geocomputation, R-spatial, spatial visualization, QGIS, ArcGIS Pro


Rantanen, T., Tolvanen, H., Roose, M., Ylikoski, J. & Vesakoski, O. 2022: Best practices for spatial language data harmonization, sharing and map creation – A case study of Uralic. PLoS ONE 17(6): e0269648.

Roose, M., Nylén, T., Tolvanen, H. and Vesakoski, O., 2021. User-Centred Design of Multidisciplinary Spatial Data Platforms for Human-History Research. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 10(7), p.467.

Contact information

Department of Geography and Geology, University of Turku

Email: meroos [at]