Meeli Roose

I have been part of BEDLAN research team since 2020. I have a background in geoinformatics in environmental analysis. In my doctoral project I am developing and applying geospatial methods to conduct integrative, multidisciplinary research on the history of Finno-Ugric-speaking peoples. For example, I have developed together with end-users (linguists, archaeologists, geneticists) interactive spatial data platform URHIA (Uralic Historical Atlas) to store, share and visualise spatial data on the map. I consider communication between scientists and the IT developers team crucial, as designing the platform functionalities affects the success of usage. The learning process has involved aspects of differences in data types among disciplines e.g. spatial language speaker areal data or archaeological/genetic point data. Another part of my interest is geospatial analysis – an ecological-environmental perspective of cultural distribution. Combining thematic datasets by assigning them geographical and temporal properties opens up new insights into multidisciplinary research.

meroos [at]

University of Turku, Finland

Major interests

web-GIS, open-source, ecology, geostatistics, geocomputation