Anniina Kuha

Currently, I am conducting my master’s thesis within the BEDLAN research group. My research focuses on studying the gene flow within the Finnish population and its relationship to the regional dialect variation in Finland.

As a researcher, my background in archaeology has nurtured my interest in human osteology, which involves the study of human skeletal remains and the diverse methods employed in bone analysis. Additionally, in the field of biology, I am fascinated by genetics and human evolution. My interest in combining osteoarchaeological and genetic research is to understand how genes affect and shape human evolution.

Through my studies and research, I aim to contribute to a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between genetics, population dynamics, and linguistic variation in Finland. By combining archaeological and biological approaches, I hope to shed light on the historical processes that have shaped the genetic landscape and dialect diversity within the Finnish population.

I am driven by a passion for unraveling the complexities of human history and evolution through interdisciplinary research. By exploring the connections between genetics, archaeology, and linguistics, I strive to expand our knowledge of the cultural and biological heritage of Finland.